Swiss Air & Space Law Association

The Swiss Air & Space Law Association was established in 1952. Its objective is to promote both the study and the development of air and space law in Switzerland and abroad.

Its members come from all professional circles involved in air navigation and space law: authorities or other organisations, attorneys, professors as well as airlines, insurance companies or industry in-house lawyers. To date, the Association has over 200 individual and collective members.

At present, the board consists of ten members. It manages the day-to-day activities of the Association and organises various meetings and congresses. It plays also a scientific role by publishing the ASDA/SVLR-bulletin and fosters close relationships with authorities and other organisations involved in the fields of law and aerospace.

The general meetings provide Swiss and foreign aerospace law specialists to gather in a professional though relaxed atmosphere. These meetings are usually followed by a visit of a company or a plant. They may also be integrated into other more general aerospace-related events.

The Swiss Air & Space Law Association organises conferences on a wide spectrum of aerospace law topics. Traditionally held every four years in Basel, these two-days conferences allow Swiss and foreign speakers to deliver speeches and share their views with the participants.

The bulletin was recently updated and expanded. It provides up to date information on national and international legislation, reproduces and comments the latest court decisions or, generally, any developments of relevance to the field of air and space law in Switzerland.

The official languages of our association are German and French. We therefore apologise if not all of these pages have been translated in English.