Bulletin ASDA

The Swiss Air and Space Law Association publishes once a year a bulletin. This publication informs the readers of the latest law modifications and of the international agreements ratifications in the fields of ari and space law. Articles about air and space law subjects, court's decisions critics and monographs are also found in this bulletin. Members of the association will receive this publication free. It is also possible to be subscriber of the bulletin without being member of the association.

The Bulletin editor is Reto Dubach.


An email can be sent to him by using this link: Editor

You can download the table of content of the latest bulletins here:

Bulletin ASDA 137/138

Bulletin ASDA 139/140

Bulletin ASDA 141

Bulletin ASDA 142

Bulletin ASDA 143

Bulletin ASDA 144

Bulletin ASDA 145

Bulletin ASDA 146

Bulletin ASDA 147